F3F model

F3F: template for 6-servo F3F/sport slopers

Current version 6.0 (2022-01-09)

Winner 2019 Winter league Champion of Champions

Winner 2018 English Open F3F


The template of choice for slope soarers with 6 servos. It's undergone continuous development since its release in 2013, and is well proven in F3F competition in the UK and abroad.

Version 6 has some useful refinements including a simple way of adjusting crow compensation.

Key features :

The setup features a special 'CAL' mode, for quick and precise adjustment of control surface travel & tracking.

Taranis layout

X9D default interface, showing flight modes , mix adjusters.
Switch layout can be customised



For 6-servo gliders

V-, T- or X-tail

Any stick mode

Flight modes

Normal/Reflex, Climb, Landing

Optional Pump mode

Voice confirmation

FM switches customisable

In-flight adjusters

Adjuster for aileron diff

Adjuster for camber preset

Adjuster for snapflap volume

Adjuster for snapflap expo

Adjuster for crow compensation

Crow functions

Aileron diff suppression

Reverse diff

Simple compensation adjustment

Compensation curve

'Autocrow' option

Adjustable deadband on crow stick

Control surface calibration

Special 'CAL' mode

5-point balancing curve for flaps


Advanced snapflap Lua script supplied


F3F v6.0.0

Minimum requirements

  • Transmitter with 2 pots or sliders
  • OpenTX: 2.3.5 or EdgeTX 2.7.1 or later


Legacy versions

For list of changes, see Version history


Blog: designing a transmitter setup for F3F


Feedback and queries are always welcome - I can be contacted here.