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2018 English Open F3F

18-19 August 2018

Trophy winners: L-R Mark Treble, John Treble, Stu Wallace, John Phillips, and myself

Whizzing over Whitesheet

The English Open is a long established two-day event which takes place at Whitesheet. I always enjoy coming here for its relaxed atmosphere - it's an opportunity not only to compete but also to learn. This year's event was marked by rapidly changing conditions which made for challenging flying - and big variations in times. Ballast choice and turn technique were the key, along with a flexible approach to flight planning!

Day One

The first day started a little mizzly but we battled through nonetheless. Eight rounds were flown from the main SW bowl. Pilots who won rounds were: John Treble, Paul Stubley(2), myself (2), Dave Rumble, Nigel Witchalls and Andy Burgoyne. The day was rounded off by a gathering and meal at the George Inn. Paul Stubley ended the day in the lead, followed by me, then John Treble.

Day Two

Proceedings resumed on the SW bowl, until a shift in the wind forced a move to the west facing section. Seven more rounds were flown. Round winners were Graeme Mahoney (2), Mark Passingham, John Phillips, Stu Wallace and myself (2).

The cards continued to fall my way and at the end I found myself in top spot with the Stribog. Runner up was Mark Treble flying his faithful Toxic, with Stu Wallace in third with his Needle. Graeme Mahoney zipped up the rankings after a slow start, just missing the podium. The team prize went to the All Stars (John and Mark Treble, and myself). Fastest time was John Phillips flying a Redshift, with 39.22 seconds.

High points

Some high points; Seeing Vic Eldridge back in action and with a respectable placing; watching Dave Woods flying his Pitbull with his usual attacking style; and welcoming Bruce Hudson who seemed to really enjoy his foray into F3F. A special mention for Erik Heijne, always a welcome visitor with his dad, from Holland.


Big thanks to Stu Wallace for organising once again, and for the splendid trophies. A raffle was held which raised £260 for Bloodwise and Histio UK with prizes donated by a variety of sponsors. Thanks also to Peter Payne of Southcoast Sailplanes for his generous sponsorship (as a result of which I am the proud owner of a Mini Blade) - please show your support by visiting their website, there are lots of goodies to browse! And last but not least to Chris Lamming and helpers for all their practical support. Roll on 2019!


1  M Shellim      12081.60   1000.00
2  M Treble       11714.98    969.65
3  S Wallace      11565.14    957.25
4  G Mahoney      11544.95    955.58
5  P Stubley      11486.88    950.77
6  T Livingstone  11471.36    949.49
7  M Passingham   11470.11    949.38
8  I Rose         11423.55    945.53
9  J Phillips     11407.25    944.18
10 A Burgoyne     11401.35    943.69
11 E Heijne       11265.53    932.45
12 D Rumble       11239.31    930.28
13 J Treble       11212.45    928.06
14 D Woods        11163.79    924.03
15 P Taylor       11162.38    923.91
16 V Eldridge     10867.24    899.48
17 P Burgess      10867.18    899.48
18 I Falconer     10865.82    899.36
19 K Wood         10850.27    898.08
20 N Witchalls    10827.17    896.17
21 M Drewett      10656.00    882.00
22 T Robertson    10496.72    868.81
23 B Hudson        9337.99    772.91
24 C Lamming       9304.66    770.15
Download Excel spreadsheet (with thanks to Pete Burgess)