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2007 BMFA League 2

S. Wales 22 April 2007

EPP 60 was cancelled because of insufficient numbers. In contrast, the F3F was brilliant. Eight rounds were run - aided by the smaller than expected turnout of 26 pilots (no doubt some were put off by the poor forecast).

The wind varied from 'just legal' to a healthy force 4. There was a fair degree of lift variation through the day, also within rounds. Getting the ballast right was tricky.

After eight rounds, Dave Woods was declared the winner, with Mark Southall runner-up and Alex McMeekin third. Fastest time of 37.31 fell to me, as did fourth place. Four sub 40's were flown. See also full results.

Thanks to CD Andrzej Tabero, Kevin, and the SWSA for their dedication. A well run competition, with flying underway by 10 am and 208 flights flown.

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