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BMFA L6 Eastbourne

9 October 2011


Simon Thornton in mid-run with his Fosa

Martin's Day

I like Eastbourne. Not only is it quite close (it only takes me a shade over two hours to get there from North London), but it can always be relied upon to serve up something a little quirky, something which makes flying there a bit of a tactical challenge even if it's not as fast as the best Welsh slopes.

Despite a small detour to pick up Phil Taylor from near the London Eye, we managed to arrive at the Long Man car park more or less on time. The general karma amongst the pilots was one of optimism rather than wild enthusiasm, as the wind was better suited to gentle DLG rather than F3F! Nevertheless by the time we had completed the traditional Long March to the top of the bowl, there was enough wind to make a start. In fact, the wind increased steadily during the day, and by the end it was gusting to around 30 mph!

Twenty five pilots were in attendance, amongst them a welcome group of visiting German pilots: Stefan Siemens, Heinz Linnemann, Daniel Schneider and Andreas Hovemann all had a good time and they must have been nice because they didn't win for a change! Let's hope they return next year.

The wind was surprisingly smooth , but it remained about 30 degrees crossed for virtually the whole competition. This called for canny ballasting and an early start into base A.

The winner by a convincing margin was Martin Newnham who managed the conditions admirably with his Freestyler. It was Martin's first BMFA league win, and surely not his last. Simon Thornton was runner up flying a Fosa. Joel West came third with his Freestyler. Fastest time was 42.66 by John Phillips in the last round.

My thanks to John Phillips, Gary Harrison, all at the ESSA and Martin Newnham for a very slickly organised competition. With just one league event yet to run, all's set for an exciting end to the season!

TOP 10
1  Martin Newnham   7750.67
2  Simon Thornton   7479.90
3  Joel West        7458.36
4  John Phillips    7446.74
5  Daniel Schneider 7428.30
6  Greg Dakin       7244.46
7  Gary Harrison    7086.03
8  Mike Shellim     7058.15
9  Stefan Siemens   6877.35
10 John Bennett     6806.90

Full results are here.


The competition

The competition took place on the SW bowl behind the Long Man.

IMGP3822.jpg IMGP3820.jpg IMGP3846.jpg IMGP3851.jpg IMGP3856.jpg
IMGP3870.jpg IMGP3889.jpg IMGP3891.jpg IMGP3894.jpg IMGP3901.jpg
IMGP3916-Edit.jpg IMGP3918.jpg IMGP3921-2.jpg IMGP3922.jpg IMGP3933.jpg
IMGP3935.jpg IMGP3950.jpg IMGP3961-edit.jpg IMGP3970.jpg

Tech Corner

Nigel Potter's Multiplex 3030, with ACT dual-rf 2.4 GHz module installed.

IMGP3844.jpg IMGP3842.jpg IMGP3839.jpg

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