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2019 BMFA L2 S. Wales

28 July 2019

Dodging the blades - Paul Stubley makes his way after landing

Eight rounds at Mickeys slope

The Bwlch is famous for its great slopes, serving almost all wind directions. Does that mean success is guaranteed? Well not quite - there's one particular direction which falls between the cracks.


Well you guessed - we were greeted with a WNW wind which is no good for Mickeys, and no good for the Ice Cream slope either. So we twiddled our thumbs for a couple or hours, until the wind finally shifted enough to fly at Mickey's. Even then, it remained severely crossed for most of the day. In addition, there was also some thermic activity. So all in all the conditions were quite tricky to read, and there was a wide variation in times.

Sub 40

Despite the wind direction woes, Andy Burgoyne managed to pull an excellently flown 35.16 in round 2, slaughtering most others in the round and propelling him from fifteenth to first. After dropping down again to fourth, Andy regained the lead for a well deserved win. Graeme Mahoney was runner up, and Joel West third.

A special mention for Bruce Hudson who flew very well, maintaining the lead for three of the eight rounds.


Thanks are due to Joel for keeping things moving in tricky circumstances. Measuring the wind direction is fraught with uncertainly (the equipment is sitting in the hill's boundary layer). Thanks to some common sense decisions, we had a good, if not quite a classic, competition.

Position progress chart (with thanks to Nigel Witchalls)

Results after eight rounds

1  A Burgoyne     6282.13   1000.00
2  G Mahoney      6182.99    984.21
3  J West         6150.31    979.01
4  J Phillips     6121.34    974.40
5  C Landells     6079.36    967.72
6  M Treble       6018.24    957.99
7  M Shellim      6000.27    955.13
8  D Rumble       5963.87    949.33
9  K Wood         5963.69    949.31
10 B Hudson       5905.27    940.01
11 M Evans        5787.18    921.21
12 D Woods        5759.84    916.86
13 P Stubley      5746.41    914.72
14 J Treble       5705.57    908.22
15 M Passingham   5668.40    902.30
16 B Larrett      5611.32    893.21
17 N Witchalls    5253.15    836.20
18 P Burgess      5037.70    801.90
19 G Hill         4955.58    788.83

Fastest time: Andy Burgoyne (35.16)

Round winners: Andy Burgoyne, Bruce Hudson, Keith Wood (2), Mike Shellim (2), Dave Rumble, Graeme Mahoney.