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2009 BMFA Nationals (F3F)

9 - 10 August 2009

Joel West launches the Skorpion of Graham Reed

Reduced but redeemed

Short term weather forecasts are so good these days that pilots are often don't turn up if the wind doesn't look like playing ball. Such was the situation in the Nationals this year, with a few of the top names missing. However those who came were rewarded with sunshine, good sport flying (at least for those who brought some lightweight toys), and - eventually - a successful competition.


Saturday was almost flat calm as had been expected. Not to worry - just as in 2006, a great evening was spent at Birling Gap, enjoying the sunshine andsoaring off the cliffs. (And wondering how long it will be before Birling Gap disappears into the English Channel...)


By contrast, several rounds were flown on Sunday, at Butts Lane. The wind was just about legal for running a competition, and there was some thermal activity - all in all a 'technical' event.

Mike Evans made full use of his chances with some consistent flying to become BMFA national champion. Runner-up was local pilot Gary Harrison, with myself in third place.

Thanks to CD Julian Perrot, John Phillips, Gary Harrison, Jim Taylor and the rest of the ESSA crew for a successful comp and great weekend.


1  M Evans        6882.50
2  G Harrison     6603.89
3  M Shellim      6545.01
4  P Gunning      6444.50
5  J Phillips     6417.57
6  J Taylor       6408.94 
7  T MacPherson   6348.69
8  J Perrott      6289.32
9  J West         6264.73
10 G Reed         6257.20
11 V Eldridge     6220.68
12 T Robertson    6024.43
13 T Noble        2626.89
14 M Lucas         717.14


High res images on SmugMug


IMGP2419.jpg IMGP2427.jpg IMGP2437.jpg IMGP2443.jpg IMGP2445.jpg
IMGP2454.jpg IMGP2461.jpg IMGP2462.jpg IMGP2469.jpg IMGP2476.jpg
IMGP2489.jpg IMGP2490.jpg IMGP2495.jpg IMGP2498.jpg IMGP2504.jpg

After hours

IMGP2507-Edit.jpg IMGP2959.jpg IMGP2962.jpg IMGP2967.jpg IMGP2983.jpg
IMGP2997-Edit.jpg IMGP2447.jpg IMGP3008.jpg beachyhead.jpg