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English Open 2003

8/9 August 2003

Mark Passingham


The English Open took place at Whitesheet Hill. Thanks to everyone involved for a fun weekend, and to Soar High Models for sponsoring the raffle prizes. Results are at bottom


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1st  Ken Woodhouse     Cito 3                  3731.7
2nd  Andy Ellison      New Sting (Carbon)      3709.4
3rd  John McCurdy      Pike WR Extreme         3495.7
4th  Ian Mason         Sting (Carbon)          3477.9
5th  Mark Southall     Tragi 702               3466.6
6th  Mark Passingham   Cito 3                  3410.1
7th  Ade Law           Acacia 1 (knackered)    3353.0
8th  Ali Oldman        Pike WR                 3338.1
9th  John Philips      Compact Wizard          3319.3
10th Mike Shellim      Acacia 1                3294.1
11th Joe Cubitt        Pike Brio Extreme       3288.5
12th Simon Hall        Ellipse T               3285.2
13th Julian Perrot     Pike WR                 3275.1
14th Joe Coppin        Sting (Carbon)          3254.9
15th Nigel Potter      Ellipse 2v              3230.5
16th John Bennett      Ellipse 2v              3215.6
17th Pete Bailey       Pike WR Extreme         3168.9
18th Edwin Jenkins     Acacia 1 (knackered)    3094.9
19th Andrew Freeman    Miraj                   3069.3
20th Terry Gravener    Pike WR Extreme         3043.7
21st Alex  McMeekin    Acacia 2 (Carbon)       3027.5
22nd Owen Jones        Swallow                 2977.8
23rd Ian Davis         Sting (Carbon)          2948.0
24th Nick Coppin       Miraj                   2688.7
25th Dave Woods        Pike WR /V Ultra Pico   2467.6
26th Sarah Ayling      Aldij                   2290.7
27th Andrew Evans      Shooting Star           2187.1
28th Mike evans        Tragi 702/ Scar         2076.1
29th Karl Pashley      Acacia 2/ Pike WR Ex    1469.7