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2 - 15 August 2011

Hahnenmoos, with DS slope behind

Hanging out in Hahnenmoos

It's amazing what you can do with a Sportube and an air ticket, as Andy Burgoyne, Peter Gunning, Vic Eldridge, Joel West and myself found out on our trip to the Alps, courtesy our Swiss F3F friend Stefan Bertschi. Stefan was celebrating (or was it ruing?) the impending end of his bachelorhood - in style!

Friday's itinerary:

Then two and a half days of fantastic flying, and relaxing in the Alpine scenery. There's only one word to describe it: unforgettable! My sincere thanks to Stefan and Vera, and all in our party.


The photos show our journey to Hahnenmoos, the fllying, and our journey back to Zurich. There also some 'after hours' street images of Zurich.