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2012 South of England Open F3F

5 - 6 May 2012

Day 2 at Butts Lane

Up on the Downs

Thirty-five competitors, eleven rounds, and nice views from the South Downs - a pretty good combination for a Eurotour event. The only thing missing was a bit of warmth - taking into account wind-chill, the temperature wan't much above freezing on the first day.

Saturday saw us at Bo Peep which was a new slope to many of us. It's a good slope with a reasonably well defined edge and easy landing, and is used a lot by parascenders (fortunately they stayed away). On day 2, we moved to the more challenging Butts Lane.

The expected rain held off and all in all it was a good weekend's racing. For once our German visitors didn't have it all their own way, with Simon Thornton taking top spot from Dieter Perlick, with Stefan Bertschi a fine third. Simon got fastest time with 36.42 flying a Needle 124.

Thanks are due to the ESSA for their hard work and smooth organisation. I'll leave the round by round analysis to others, meantime here's the top 10:

1 Simon Thornton 9447.40
2 Dieter Perlick 9398.12
3 Stefan Bertschi 9190.06
4 Martin Newnham 9116.23
5 Peter Kowalski 9002.11
6 Joel West 8861.47
7 Andre Austen 8800.14
8 Mark Abbotts 8771.78
9 John Phillips 8527.81
10 Josef Wiklicky 8493.32

Full scores on ESSA.


High res images are on my SmugMug site .