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2007 BMFA League 3

Hole of Horcum 12-13 May 2007

Reports of the death of EPP60 are premature! This was the best fun I've had in years, with lots of close racing in great conditions. My venerable Gulp is now a crisp packet, but so what! Nigel Potter took top honours, not losing a race. Newcomers included my ISA club mate Matt Brett who seemed to be really enjoying his first BMFA event.

For the F3F, the rain held off so we got in 6 rounds. It was one of those days were the hill wasn't working as well as the wind would suggest. Kevin won, with Nigel continuing his success with a fine second place. Keith Wood had a great day coming third. Lots of new faces on both days.

As usual thanks to the NYMSA headed by Jon Edison. Sorry no captions.

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