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2005 BMFA L2

14-15 May 2005, South Wales

EPP60 (Saturday): Alex McMeekin ran away with the comp, scoring 100 points with his new O/D Banjax. Ballistic conditions led to spectacular structural failures, most notably John Phillips's Wanabee which got a violent dose of flutter, and hit the hill 10 feet below the ridge (see below). Full results are here.

F3F (Sunday): 44 competitors turned up, but the comp was abandoned after two rounds due to lack of wind when Ken Woodhouse was in the lead.

Highlights for me were the Higgins designed Rodents of Andy Ellison and Alex dremelling holes the sky. And the great 30-lap final of the EPP 60! Thanks to organisers and helpers who did a fine job considering the conditions on Sunday. A mention too for Southcoast Sailplanes for the prize of a Mini Blade presented to Kevin Newton for fastest time (45).

Note the F3F pics are before the EPP 60. No captions I'm afraid. Pls click on any picture to enlarge.

RS_IMGP2077.jpg RS_IMGP2117.jpg RS_IMGP2058.jpg RS_IMGP2059.jpg RS_IMGP2060.jpg
RS_IMGP2082.jpg RS_IMGP2091.jpg RS_IMGP2096.jpg RS_IMGP2112.jpg RS_IMGP2115-02.jpg
RS_IMGP2120.jpg RS_IMGP2003.jpg RS_IMGP1988.jpg RS_IMGP2012.jpg RS_IMGP1989.jpg
RS_IMGP1996.jpg RS_IMGP2030.jpg RS_IMGP1995.jpg RS_IMGP2043.jpg RS_IMGP1984.jpg
RS_IMGP2006.jpg RS_IMGP2008.jpg RS_IMGP2013.jpg RS_IMGP2017.jpg RS_IMGP2023.jpg
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