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2010 BMFA L3 - Whitesheet

13 June 2010


Kevin launching

A result at last!

I like flying at Whitesheet. It's beautifully situated at the end of a long ridge, and the slopes are easily accessible. And while the main bowl doesn't lend itself to ballistic flying, it makes a relaxing contrast to the adrenalin rush that is South Wales.

After the first two competitions this year were abandoned due to the weather, it's good to report that Whitesheet provided the first result of 2010. The wind wasn't brilliant and there was some thermal variation, which contributed to the slightly party atmosphere. Nevertheless, by the time the rain finally came, a full six rounds had been flown. The winner was John Bennett, Simon Thornton was runner up and John Phillips third.Mick Walsh achieved fastest time of 42 seconds (five seconds faster than than anyone else!). Full results are here.

My thanks to Vic Eldridge for taking on the task of organisting the event, to the helpers, and to the launchers for their forbearance with my flashgun.

Preparation and flying

001_8710.jpg 002_8726.jpg 004_8670.jpg 005_8675.jpg 006_8794.jpg
008_8732.jpg 009_8751.jpg 010_8769.jpg 011_8775.jpg 012_8780.jpg
013_8803.jpg 015_8836.jpg 026_8755.jpg 027_8814.jpg 028_8878.jpg

Launchers' Catwalk

The poor light during the afternoon provided the perfect opportunity to play with flash. This time I concentrated on the horrid faces we make when we launch (even if we don't know it!).

016_8861.jpg 024_8864.jpg 017_8849.jpg 018_8847.jpg 019_8850.jpg
020_8852.jpg 021_8854.jpg 022_8844.jpg 023_8859.jpg 025_8858.jpg

Black and white

030_8840.jpg 031_8734.jpg 032_8833.jpg

After Hours

This was shot as England were drawing 1-1 with the USA, and the roads were empty.



A high resolution slideshow (but sans captions) is available in my SmugMug gallery