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N. England Open F3F

9-10 July 2011


Espen Torp launches the Alliaj of Greg Dakin

Against the odds

Rain and lack of wind at the start of the competition seemed like bad portents for the weekend, but somehow we managed to complete five rounds over the two days, before a flat calm finally halted proceedings on Sunday afternoon.

However, big variations in the conditions caught out some pilots, thereby reducing the number of serious contenders.

Dieter Perlick won with his usual entertaining and splendidly accurate flying. Espen was second and Joel third.

Thanks to Jon Edison and Richard Bago for CD'ing, and to helpers Ronnie Lampe, Frank Hulton and Paul Middleton. Also to sponsors T9hobbysport and MKS Servo-tech for some great prizes - do have a look at their web sites.

Results are at the end of this page

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Day One

With Westerlies forecast, we started at Levisham, and that's where we stayed. It took a while before there was enough wind to get going, and there were also breaks for rain.

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IMGP0936.jpg IMGP0952.jpg IMGP0953.jpg IMGP0962.jpg IMGP0968.jpg
IMGP0976.jpg IMGP0985.jpg IMGP0990.jpg IMGP0992.jpg IMGP0997.jpg
IMGP1006.jpg IMGP1008.jpg IMGP1018.jpg IMGP1031.jpg IMGP1033.jpg
IMGP1037.jpg IMGP1040.jpg

Day Two

Again, at Levisham. Promising start, then the wind started drifting, the rain came in, and the wind finally died.

IMGP1152.jpg IMGP1161.jpg IMGP1178.jpg IMGP1185.jpg IMGP1186.jpg
IMGP1188.jpg IMGP1195.jpg IMGP1196.jpg IMGP1199.jpg IMGP1202.jpg
IMGP1204.jpg IMGP1207.jpg IMGP1216.jpg IMGP1217.jpg IMGP1221.jpg
IMGP1231.jpg IMGP1233.jpg IMGP1234.jpg IMGP1241.jpg IMGP1243.jpg

After Hours

Whitby over the weekend is always packed and it's difficult to get a fish and chips anywhere, let alone at the Magpie. Some lovely light was ample consolation though, and I was lucky enough to catch a double rainbow on the Saturday evening.

IMGP1091-Edit.jpg IMGP0888.jpg IMGP0898.jpg IMGP0921.jpg IMGP1048.jpg
IMGP1050.jpg IMGP1106.jpg IMGP1114-Edit.jpg


(with thanks to NYMSA)
1  Dieter Perlick  3782.20	       16 Mike Evans      3165.67
2  Espen Torp      3472.96	       17 Frank Hulton    3163.79
3  Joel West       3458.36	       18 Paul Townsend   3094.07
4  Mick Walsh      3430.06	       19 Jonathan Wells  3048.29
5  Martin Newnham  3397.40	       20 Alan Scupham    3038.14
6  Paul Middleton  3372.94	       21 John Phillips   2956.28
7  Mike McCracken  3355.73	       22 Dave Watson     2881.78
8  Keith Wood      3345.78	       23 Herman Torsten  2876.99
9  Richard Bago    3299.56	       24 Ronnie Lampe    2850.07
10 Jon Edison      3261.93	       25 Robert Carson   2699.75
11 Mike Shellim    3240.55	       26 Mark Treble     2661.58
12 Simon Thornton  3216.35	       27 John Treble     2551.15
13 Stefan Bertschi 3193.72	       28 Tom Foreman     1455.50
14 Greg Dakin      3192.03	       29 Paul Upton      1420.35
15 Peter Kowalski  3171.65