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2009 BMFA League 3

26th April 2009

In Kevin's sights...

At last!

What makes a great comp? How about constant sunshine, a great slope, consistent conditions, a healthy but not unmanageable entry, and slick organisation?

Well, we had em all for League 3! Six rounds on the Wrecker in glorious sunshine and a force 2-3 breeze, with just enough thermal activity to make things just a little interesting without turning it into a lottery... And when the points were totted up, it was Paul Garnett who took a well-deserved top spot from Kevin Newton. Simon Thornton came third.

Times were mostly in the 40's and 50's, with Greg Dakin achieving FTD of 38.2 secs.

Many thanks to the SWSA, in particular to Andrzej, Mike and Kevin for organising a very slick competition. Full results here

Men and machines

With apologies to anyone I've missed out.

IMGP1461.jpg IMGP1475.jpg IMGP1477.jpg IMGP1474.jpg IMGP1479.jpg
IMGP1483.jpg IMGP1488.jpg IMGP1489.jpg IMGP1492.jpg IMGP1497.jpg
IMGP1500.jpg IMGP1502.jpg IMGP1507.jpg IMGP1449.jpg IMGP1541-2.jpg

After hours

A trip to Wales isn't complete without a few photographic diversions. In addition to nearby Porthcawl, I also visited Merthyr Mawr, the site of the largest dune system in Europe. From the car park on the edge of the dunes, it takes about 1/2 hour to walk to the sea. Shortly before sunset on Sunday, I visited Kenfig where there's another dune system and a small lake.

IMGP1544.jpg IMGP1546.jpg IMGP1549.jpg IMGP1437.jpg IMGP1533.jpg
IMGP1493.jpg IMGP1483B.jpg IMGP1564.jpg