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2007 BMFA L4 & Nationals

Huddersfield 9/10 June 2007

Lack of wind for most of the weekend meant that the EPP 60 race only just scraped a result. Nevertheless, congratulations to Nigel Potter who is the new EPP60 National Champion.

Left to right: Paul Wright, Dave Elam, Nigel Potter, Paul Potter (Dave Beanland photo)

Sadly the F3F had to be abandoned during the second round. Nevertheless, I've included some images below, so you can see the sun was shining, when it wasn't foggy! (sorry, no captions).

My thanks to Dave Elam and the Huddersfield club for their sterling work in finding a alternative site in the NE wind.

IMGP0242_LR.jpg IMGP0271_LR.jpg IMGP0221_LR.jpg IMGP0222_LR.jpg IMGP0225_LR.jpg
IMGP0231_LR.jpg IMGP0240_LR.jpg IMGP0248_LR.jpg IMGP0249_LR.jpg IMGP0250_LR.jpg
IMGP0253_LR.jpg IMGP0254_LR.jpg IMGP0257_LR.jpg IMGP0261_LR.jpg IMGP0262_LR.jpg
IMGP0264_LR.jpg IMGP0266_LR.jpg IMGP0269_LR.jpg IMGP0272_LR.jpg IMGP0273_LR.jpg
IMGP0275_LR.jpg IMGP0279_LR.jpg