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2006 Welsh Open F3F

The Bwlch put on its usual hard-to-get weather act - it must have known that we had visitors coming from the Czech Republic, Spain and Germany! Nevertheless we managed to get in 7 rounds over two days, not bad considering the poor forecast, in fact there were flashes of the old Blwch magic late on Saturday and Sunday.

A special mention to our main sponsor DS Model for providing a gorgeous Union Jack adorned 60 inch Ocelot for the raffle. Gary Harrison was the lucky recipient. Thanks also to Cubitts Models for their well stocked goodie bags.

Models I'd not seen before included a prototype of the the Ascot flown into sixth place by Mr VV himself Vaclav Vojtisek, the Lynx of Petr Diblik, and the Furio V of Jarda Vojta. Last but not least, the latest Schocker variant, built and flown by Siegfried Schedel.

After the marbles were counted, Kevin Newton was declared the worthy winner. Kevin also achieved fastest time of 34 seconds. Carlos Cantero was a delighted runner-up, with Siegfried Schedel third.

If anyone would like a full res JPEG image, please feel free to email me. Thanks to Kevin, AJ, Mike and Shane for putting it all together, see you all next year! Other reports are here:

IMGP3289.jpg IMGP3300.jpg IMGP3285.jpg IMGP3281.jpg IMGP3283.jpg
IMGP3303.jpg IMGP3288.jpg IMGP3286.jpg IMGP3307.jpg IMGP3319.jpg
IMGP3296.jpg IMGP3331.jpg IMGP3333.jpg IMGP3313.jpg IMGP3334.jpg
IMGP3339.jpg IMGP3341.jpg IMGP3342.jpg IMGP3346.jpg IMGP3347.jpg
IMGP3349.jpg IMGP3351.jpg IMGP3352.jpg IMGP3355.jpg IMGP3356.jpg
IMGP3359.jpg IMGP3361.jpg IMGP3362.jpg IMGP3363.jpg IMGP3364.jpg
IMGP3370.jpg IMGP3374.jpg IMGP3375.jpg IMGP3376.jpg IMGP3377.jpg
IMGP3379.jpg IMGP3384.jpg IMGP3385.jpg IMGP3386.jpg IMGP3390.jpg
IMGP3392.jpg IMGP3394.jpg IMGP3399.jpg IMGP3404.jpg IMGP3407.jpg
IMGP3412.jpg IMGP3413.jpg IMGP3414.jpg IMGP3415.jpg IMGP3417.jpg
IMGP3420.jpg IMGP3422.jpg IMGP3425.jpg IMGP3426.jpg IMGP3427.jpg
IMGP3428.jpg IMGP3429.jpg IMGP3430.jpg IMGP3432.jpg IMGP3434.jpg
IMGP3436.jpg IMGP3438.jpg IMGP3439.jpg IMGP3442.jpg IMGP3446.jpg