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Wings n Wheels

28th June 2008


Part of the huge market.

An alternative view

As usual, the Wings n Wheels at North Weald aerodrome provided a great spectacle with some very fast turbines as well as aerobatic, electric and large scale.

Unfortunately I did't have a telephoto lens, so photographing the models in the air was impossible, and the strong sun made static shots difficult too. On the other hand, it did provide a chance to focus on the stands. As a bonus, there was a huge open-air market at the other end of the airfield - apparently billed as the largest in Europe.

IMGP2671.jpg IMGP2676.jpg IMGP2677.jpg IMGP2679.jpg IMGP2680.jpg
IMGP2683.jpg IMGP2687.jpg IMGP2690.jpg IMGP2691.jpg IMGP2698.jpg
IMGP2699.jpg IMGP2702.jpg IMGP2708.jpg IMGP2715.jpg IMGP2726.jpg
IMGP2729.jpg IMGP2739.jpg