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2011 BMFA L4 - S. Wales

17 July 2011

Mark Abbotts struggles to keep his model dry

Water water everywhere

The forecast for the fourth BMFA event was not exactly brilliant, but I didn't expect it to be one of the soggiest comps I've ever attended!

Round One took place at the Ice Cream slope, and took around two hours to complete in constantly worsening conditions. By the end the wind had swung to the West, so it was decided move to Mickey slope for Round Two.

Conditions on Mickey's were smoother, but the showers got worse. We staggered on, snatching the odd flight between the rain, until the proceedings were finally abandoned at 5.15 (just two flights short of completing Round Two).

Spare a thought for our CD - not only did Andrzej have to contend with an injured knee, he also crashed his model due to radio problems. Mike Evans too had bad luck, damaging the wing tip of his Alliaj on landing.

A special thanks to Andrzej and Clayton for setting things up and persevering in the conditions - it was an especially tough assignment. This time though, all who attended also deserve a round of applause.


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