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2008 BMFA League 2

20th April 2008

Abandoned! But still fun.

Don't you love the Bwlch. Even if you can't fly (thanks to low cloud), you can chat with other pilots, gaze out over the valley, and hope that the sun will eventually poke through. And when the comp is finally abandoned, you can go down to the sea where the world and his dog are enjoying the sunshine.

My thanks to Kevin, Andrzej and the SWSA lads for their efforts. It was frustrating for them to have all their planning reduced to naught by the weather gods.

Below are some photos, some taken at the car park, others at Ogmore on Sea. Enjoy!

IMGP0906.jpg IMGP0911.jpg IMGP0902.jpg IMGP0928.jpg IMGP0923.jpg
IMGP0945.jpg IMGP1021-Edit.jpg IMGP0951.jpg IMGP0974.jpg IMGP0987-Edit-3.jpg
IMGP0971-Edit.jpg IMGP1022.jpg IMGP1026-Edit.jpg IMGP1031.jpg