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2022 BMFA League 1, S. Wales

15 January 2022

Andy Burgoyne launching over Nanty Moel

BMFA League 1

Despite a less than promising forecast, the new season started well, with eleven pilots battling it out in nice conditions on Back of the Wrecker. The smallish entry meant lots of rounds flown.

Joel West achieved his second consecutive win thanks to some great flying using his effective reversal style. Mark Redsell was runner up with his Freestyler, and Mark Treble third with his Pitbull.

After the comp, I looked on as Mark Redsell checked out Bruce's 'Great Wall'. Getting an insight into Mark's thought processes while evaluating the model was fascinating - it's certainly inspired me to make my practice sessions more goal oriented.

All in all, F3F delivered another day of fun and challenge, and by the end we could all look forward to a good sleep! My thanks to Mark Treble, Joel and Graeme.


After 13 rounds:

1  Joel West      11820.14 1000.00
2 Mark Redsell 11082.46 937.59
3 Mark Treble 10906.76 922.72
4 Andy Burgoyne 10889.10 921.23
5 Dave Rumble 10190.66 862.14
6 Mike Shellim 10185.60 861.71
7 Graeme Mahoney 10157.45 859.33
8 Keith Wood 9821.84 830.94
9 Phil Taylor 9817.99 830.61
10 Bruce Hudson 9564.64 809.18
11 Graham Hill 9352.66 791.24

Fastest time 33.20 seconds by Joel West in round 1

Round winners: Joel West (7), Mark Redsell (3), Mark Treble(2), Andy Burgoyne (1)