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2020 Welsh Open F3F

11-13 September 2020

Bruce Hudson waits to fly his Rotmilan

Welsh Open F3F

Well, we got through this one by the skin of our teeth, as the Covid police imposed a lockdown the following day! What's more, despite losing two of our Spanish friends early on, it turned out to be an excellent Welsh Open, with 26 competitors and enough rounds to break the spreadsheet.

Except for the obligatory clag on Friday morning, conditions were pretty good, with a decent wind on Mickey's for most of the competition.

Six rounds were flown on the Friday, which saw Joel West in the lead followed by Peter Gunning and Rich Bago. A further eleven rounds were flown on Saturday, with no change in the first three places. And so it was to remain till the end of the comp on Sunday. The standard of flying by all three was very high.

Many thanks to Kev Newton, Joel West, Mark Treble and all helpers. It was both a great Welsh Open and the perfect lockdown buster. While much of life is suffering, F3F remains in robust health - long may it continue!

Final placings

 1 Peter Gunning      19558.82
 2 Joel West          19011.52
 3 Rich Bago          18734.45
 4 Mark Treble        18556.33
 5 Mark Redsell       18526.93
 6 Andy Burgoyne      18507.87
 7 Mike Shellim       18420.92
 8 Graeme Mahoney     18072.42
 9 Mark Abbotts       17779.54
10 Mark Passingham    17641.48
11 David Woods        17619.56
12 Kevin Newton       17596.44
13 Dave Rumble        17354.15
14 Paul Stubley       17207.75
15 Mike Evans         17205.70
16 Jason Bioletti     17065.20
17 Nigel Witchalls    16949.39
18 Leslie Wood        16929.67
19 Aleix Ingles Elias 16891.99
20 William Fourie     16671.14
21 Andrzej Tabero     16107.65
22 Bruce Hudson       15817.68
23 Jon Edison         15658.20
24 Mike Bleathman     15431.19
25 Pete Burgess       13376.63
26 John Treble         1878.10

Fastest time: 32.3 by Peter Gunning

Rounds won:

Peter Gunning - 6
Joel West - 5
Mark Redsell, Kev Newton, Graeme Mahoney, Mike Shellim, Andy Burgoyne - 2 each
Mark Abbotts, Rich Bago - 1 each