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Winter League 5

13 March 2005, Bwlch

Fickle winds meant only three rounds were flown. Mark Abbotts won for the second time on the trot, making him the Winner of the 2005 Winter League. Well done Mark.

IMGP1170.jpg IMGP1075.jpg IMGP1078.jpg IMGP1080.jpg IMGP1084.jpg
IMGP1085.jpg IMGP1097.jpg IMGP1100.jpg IMGP1101.jpg IMGP1112.jpg
IMGP1114.jpg IMGP1124.jpg IMGP1126.jpg IMGP1128.jpg IMGP1129.jpg
IMGP1137.jpg IMGP1141.jpg IMGP1143.jpg IMGP1145.jpg IMGP1149.jpg
IMGP1150.jpg IMGP1161.jpg IMGP1166.jpg IMGP1168.jpg IMGP1172.jpg
IMGP1175.jpg IMGP1176.jpg IMGP1178.jpg