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BMFA League 1

18 April 2005, Whitesheet Hill

21 pilots for 60 inch Pylon and 44 for F3F is a pretty good start to the season!

Pylon 60 (Saturday) - In the final, Paul Wright was the winner with his Gulp, John Bennett second (Gulp + CycloShet), Simon Hall third (M60 ?), and myself (Gulp) in fourth after a mid-air with Simon. Good racing, although conditions only really picked up towards the end.

F3F (Sunday) - Two and a half rounds were flown in pretty 'challenging' air before comp was abandoned due to rain.

Many thanks to Alex McMeekin for keeping so many pilots on their toes - we even started 7 minutes before the official start time! Also to Ian Mason for coordinating. A mention too for Southcoast Sailplanes for their generous prize of a Mini Blade presented to Gary Harrison who achieved two excellent 46's.

RS_IMGP1483.jpg RS_IMGP1487.jpg RS_IMGP1489.jpg RS_IMGP1491.jpg RS_IMGP1494.jpg
RS_IMGP1497.jpg RS_IMGP1504.jpg RS_IMGP1533.jpg RS_IMGP1513.jpg RS_IMGP1523.jpg
RS_IMGP1524.jpg RS_IMGP1530.jpg RS_IMGP1536.jpg RS_IMGP1541.jpg RS_IMGP1545.jpg
RS_IMGP1548.jpg RS_IMGP1553.jpg RS_IMGP1554.jpg RS_IMGP1557.jpg RS_IMGP1558.jpg
RS_IMGP1564.jpg RS_IMGP1574.jpg RS_IMGP1566.jpg RS_IMGP1568.jpg RS_IMGP1570.jpg