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2007 Welsh open F3F

S. Wales 14-16 September 2007

Espen's third win

The Welsh Open is part of the F3F Eurotour series, and this event drew an international entry of 55 pilots from England, Wales, Scotland, Spain, Norway, Slovakia and Hong Kong.

Espen Torp won for the third time, with Mark Southall runner-up, and Alex McMeekin third.

All days

Flying took place on all three days, but were let down to the weather to some degree with only six rounds flown in total.

Days 1 and 3 took place on Mickey's Slope, while Day 2 - the best and sunniest day - was flown from the back of the Wrecker in widely varying thermic/slope conditions. Great for some, but disastrous for others. Day 3 promised to be a stunner. Unfortunately the wind decided that the legal limit of 25 m/s was there to be broken, and CD Kevin Newton had no option but to suspend the comp. The wind did not abate, so that was that. Sport flying was however permitted (well away from the flight line), and those who braved the conditions - and the powerful rotor - were rewarded with some ballistic flying.

My thanks to the SWSA club for their considerable efforts in organising a large international comp with such efficiency. It's easy for us competitors to forget the shear amount of time and effort involved.

Also to Cubitts, VV Model, and Wan Kin for their fantastic support for the raffle.


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