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BMFA leagues 3, 4 - N. Yorks and S. Wales

June/July 2016

Blakey Topping, Yorkshire

Weather gremlins strike again

A few years back I did an analysis of several seasons' worth of BMFA league competitions. Back then competitions couldn't be cancelled, and the figures revealed that around 40% were abandoned due to poor weather (rain, fog or lack of wind).

Nowadays comps can be cancelled or postponed, but it's still an inexact science - comps have been cancelled when the weather's turned out flyable and vice versa. Pity the poor organisers who have to make the decision!

And so it was with the last BMFA league comps in Yorkshire and Wales. The first was cancelled ahead of time, and the second abandoned due to low cloud. However I'd already committed to both so went along anyway. So these pictures tell a different story to the usual.

The first lot of images where shot in Yorkshire and the rest in Wales.

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