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2008 F3F Nats, Hole of Horcum

12-13th July 2008

PHHHTUMMM! Mark Redsell wangs an F3F model into the void

Hello Nats!

The Hole of Horcum never fails to surprise, and this year it was the variety of wind conditions - light, strong, dead-on, cross wind, thermally, sinky, rough, smooth... and sometimes no wind at all.

Despite periods of inactivity, fifteen rounds were flown thanks to a smaller than usual entry of 21 competitors.

Top place went to Peter Gunning, who made the most of each round with some consistently accurate flying. Second was Mark Redsell who aggressively juggled his Sting and Skorpion combo. In third place was Mike Evans alternately flying his Sting and Ascot.

Fastest time went to Mark Redsell who flew the sole sub-40 of 39.44.

Chop and change

There was a lot of swapping of models and ballast, as pilots struggled to achieve consistency.

Day 1 (Levisham) After a slow start, the wind increased steadily as the day wore on, giving some advantage to those flying later in the round. By evening, the wind had swung to the NW.

Day 2 (HoH, SW bowl) The day started in almost total calm with the pilots assembled on the 'wrong' slope, some distance from the car park. In an inspired move, CD Jon Edison directed pilots towards the south bowl. His silent incantations must have worked because the wind started blowing, and by mid-day the competition was resumed.

Many thanks to Jon Edison and all helpers for hosting a successful competition. It was great to see a few new faces too.

Full results on the North Yorks Moors web site.

IMGP3201.jpg IMGP3209.jpg IMGP3219.jpg IMGP3227.jpg IMGP3229.jpg
IMGP3232.jpg IMGP3236.jpg IMGP3237.jpg IMGP3240.jpg IMGP3243.jpg
IMGP3258.jpg IMGP3260.jpg IMGP3261.jpg IMGP3269.jpg IMGP3274.jpg
IMGP3276.jpg IMGP3284.jpg IMGP3282.jpg IMGP3290.jpg IMGP3249.jpg
IMGP3293.jpg IMGP3295.jpg IMGP3296.jpg IMGP3299.jpg IMGP3313.jpg
IMGP3314.jpg IMGP3316.jpg IMGP3318.jpg IMGP3335.jpg IMGP3341.jpg
IMGP3342.jpg IMGP3344.jpg IMGP3186.jpg IMGP3190.jpg

High resolution images

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