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BMFA League L6 E. Sussex

18 October 2015

Watching the action on Bopeep

League 6, East Sussex

Bopeep is one of my favourite sites; the slope is good, there's easy access and landings are straightforward. It's not as ballistic as the Bwlch by any means, but it makes a relaxing interlude.

The comp attracted twenty-one pilots. Arrangements had been made to share the ridge with the paragliders, which was fine except for one pilot who decided that the grass was greener on 'our' patch! Sound carries, and the holdup was short.

The wind speed hovered around the legal minimum for much of the time. Fortunately the hill worked surprisingly well and there was never any risk of landing out. There was however a large variation in times, and the various stoppages meant that only four rounds were completed.

By close of play, Mark Treble had done enough to take top spot. Graeme Mahoney was runner up, and Simon Thornton third. The scores were very close, well done to all!

My thanks to CD John Phillips and helpers for a well run, relaxing and fun comp.


 1 M Treble      2762.09      1000.00
 2 G Mahoney     2753.93       997.04
 3 S Thornton    2753.03       996.71
 4 M Redsell     2730.80       988.67
 5 G Harrison    2718.06       984.05
 6 J West        2610.99       945.29
 7 M Newnham     2606.42       943.64
 8 M Drewett     2599.31       941.06
 9 M Shellim     2587.26       936.70
10 J Phillips    2563.95       928.26
11 M Evans       2524.23       913.88
12 T Livingston  2515.54       910.73
13 J Treble      2490.81       901.78
14 J Bioletti    2456.44       889.34
15 M How         2403.36       870.12
16 P Camilleri   2402.51       869.81
17 T Robertson   2389.70       865.17
18 C Landells    2376.23       860.30
19 P Burgess     2356.70       853.23
20 S Parks       2136.77       773.60
21 P Pina        2122.68       768.50

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† Jim Taylor

On a less happy note, we learned the sad news of Jim Taylor's sudden passing.

Jim was a regular at ESSA comps for as long as I can remember. He loved being around the hobby, always wore a big smile, and invariably had a story to tell. His presence and good humour will be sorely missed.

Jim Taylor