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2012 Welsh Open F3F

14 - 16 Sept 2012

Flying off Mickeys slope

This year's Welsh Open was a great success with good weather for two of the three days. Forty-two pilots entered, including five from Spain (who are now experts in the night life of Bridgend!) plus our 'honorory Brit' Stefan Bertschi from Switzerland.

Mickey's slope was our home for the duration. It can be ballistic with the right wind, but it didn't reach its full potential this time because of a slight cross wind during most of the proceedings.

Competition for the top places was very keen, and after 11 rounds there was only 300 points separating the top five. By the end, though, we had a worthy winner in Martin Newnham. Runner-up was Iñaki Elizondo, and Mike Evans was third. Stefan Bertschi got the fastest time of the competition with 36.07 seconds.

Thanks are due to the SWSA, timekeepers, buzzermen and helpers, and to our overseas visitors. And finally to sponsors T9Hobbysport / MKS, Sloperacer and Multiplex for providing some super prizes (one of which - a Multiplex Cularis - is sitting in my workshop!).

Top 10

1  M Newnham      10271.60
2  I Elizondo     10164.07
3  M Evans        10157.53
4  J West         10072.60
5  S Thornton      9972.50
6  K Newton        9886.64
7  G Dakin         9706.08
8  J Luis Alvares  9692.70
9  A Richardson    9631.18
10 S Bertschi      9523.42

Full results and spreadsheet are here


Images and captions are on my SmugMug site. Enjoy