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2023 Welsh Open F3F

15-17 September 2023

Applause as Fernando Moro cheats the sink at the Back of the Wrecker

Welsh Open

The Welsh Open is the jewel in crown of the UK F3F calendar, taking place in some of the finest slopes in the land.

This year's entry comprised 26 pilots from the UK, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and Holland - a little down on last year. As in recent years, the competition was sponsored by T9 HobbySport - thanks guys!

Day One.

Friday saw us all assembled at the Back of the Wrecker... flying DLGs and electric! We managed to start a round - twice - but there was was insufficient wind to complete a full round. Oh well, what better place to chat than the Back of the Wrecker on a sunny day!

With the first day a writeoff as far as the competition was concerned, what would Saturday hold?

Day Two

Saturday started overcast, but with a decent breeze on the Wrecker. Thanks to some slick CD'ing, we managed to pack in five rounds before rain put an end to the proceedings.

At the end of the day, it was JP in the lead, closely followed by Mark Redsell then Joel West. The leading visiting flyer was Alvaro Silgado in fifth place.

Day Three

Sunday was plagued by low cloud and drizzle, preventing any further flying, and the competition was abandoned in the early afternoon. Rather fittingly, the trophy presentation took place in pouring rain.


While it was a shame about the weather, we did at least complete the comp, with a very high standard of flying from the top pilots.

JP continued his winning streak with some great flying with his Saker. This model continues to impress with its combination of performance and relatively low price.

Thanks to all our visitors from abroad for making the event what it is. It was great to be joined again by three-time winner Espen Torp.

Big thanks also to our sponsors T9 HobbySport and MKS servos. And last but not least to Kevin Newton, Andrzej Tabero, Mark Treble and all helpers for their hard work.


After 5 rounds (1 discarded):

 1 John Phillips      3960.04
 2 Mark Redsell       3938.46
 3 Joel West          3875.67
 4 Peter Gunning      3710.90
 5 Alvaro Silgado     3700.22
 6 Stefan Bertschi    3687.57
 7 Fernando Moro      3684.96
 8 Arjen van Vark     3643.35
 9 Graeme Mahoney     3640.52
10 Mark Passingham    3632.47
11 Mark Treble        3593.78
12 Aleix Ingles Elias 3568.19
13 Espen Torp Norway  3564.31
14 Andy Burgoyne      3563.04
15 Kevin Newton       3558.55
16 William Fourie     3548.04
17 David Rumble       3530.08
18 Paul Stubley       3480.99
19 Les Wood           3473.23
20 Mike Shellim       3414.39
21 Jason Bioletti     3381.33
22 Ian Mason          3362.56
23 Dave Demott        3331.32
24 Graham Hill        3238.25
25 Bruce Hudson       3231.46
26 Allen Elliott      3167.08

Fastest time 36.73 seconds by Joel West in round 2

Number of rounds won: John Phillips (3), Alvaro Silgado (1), Joel West (1)