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BMFA League 4 S. Wales

Best remembered for the sweltering heat, around 32 C, but there was some great EPP 60 racing on Saturday at the back of the Wrecker. There were 12 entries, and Paul Wright was the winner with Paul Vale second, after Alex McMeekin and John Bennett mid-aired. You can see the before-and-after written on Alex's face below!

Sunday's BMFA F3F comp was officially abandoned due to lack of wind, but Murphy's law saw the wind start to blow just when most people had upped sticks from the Crest. The remaining 15 pilots held an impromptu comp with a couple of sub 40's and the odd 80+ too! Mark Southall was the winner with his Skorpion, followed by Mike Young, Kev Newton and Alex McMeekin. Results spreadsheet is here.

Sorry no captions for this one. Enjoy!

IMGP2598.jpg IMGP2613.jpg IMGP2615.jpg IMGP2616.jpg IMGP2617.jpg
IMGP2618.jpg IMGP2621.jpg IMGP2624.jpg IMGP2602.jpg IMGP2625.jpg
IMGP2626.jpg IMGP2628.jpg IMGP2630.jpg IMGP2638.jpg IMGP2699.jpg
IMGP2649.jpg IMGP2662.jpg IMGP2666.jpg IMGP2667.jpg IMGP2679.jpg
IMGP2684.jpg IMGP2688.jpg IMGP2689.jpg IMGP2685.jpg IMGP2696.jpg
IMGP2697.jpg IMGP2655.jpg