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La Muela

7-16 April 2004

Another great Easter competitoin at La Muela. There were 61 competitors, including 5 Brits: Kev Newton, John McCurdy, Ali Oldman, Edwin Jenkins and myself (Mike Shellim). Six rounds were flown over two days. The rest of the time was spent sport flying in superb conditions, barbecue burning, and brew sampling.

Many thanks to the Alcarreno club for hosting their comp, and for helping to make it such a fun holiday.

Results are here.

Photographers note: Some photos were taken with a digicam while others are scans of transparencies.

moo-01.JPG moo-02.jpg moo-03.jpg moo-04.jpg moo-05.jpg
moo-06.jpg moo-07.jpg moo-08.jpg moo-09.jpg moo-10.jpg
moo-11.jpg moo-12.jpg moo-13.jpg moo-14.jpg moo-15.jpg
moo-16.JPG moo-17.JPG moo-18.JPG moo-19.JPG moo-20.JPG
moo-21.jpg moo-22.jpg moo-23.jpg moo-24.jpg moo-25.JPG
moo-26.JPG moo-27.JPG moo-28.JPG moo-29.JPG moo-30.jpg
moo-31.jpg moo-32.jpg moo-33.jpg moo-34.jpg moo-35.jpg
moo-36.jpg moo-37.jpg moo-38.jpg moo-39.jpg moo-40.jpg
moo-41.jpg moo-42.JPG moo-43.JPG moo-44.JPG moo-45.JPG
moo-46.JPG moo-47.JPG moo-48.JPG moo-49.JPG moo-50.JPG
moo-51.JPG moo-52.JPG moo-53.JPG moo-54.JPG moo-55.JPG
moo-56.JPG moo-57.JPG moo-58.jpg moo-59.JPG moo-60.JPG
moo-61.JPG moo-62.JPG moo-63.JPG moo-64.JPG moo-65.jpg
moo-66.jpg moo-67.JPG moo-68.JPG moo-69.JPG moo-70.JPG
moo-71.jpg moo-72.jpg moo-73.jpg moo-74.JPG moo-75.JPG
moo-76.JPG moo-77.JPG moo-78.JPG moo-79.JPG