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2010 BMFA League 2 HoH

23rd May 2010



So nearly...

At the end of the last report I wrote: "let's hope for better luck at the Hole of Horcum". Unfortunately the twenty plus competitors who turned up for the second league event of 2010 didn't get their fair share, yet again...

The problem this time was constantly changing wind direction. We started off in the SW bowl, then with just three flights short of three rounds, the wind swung round to the West.

A move to Levisham followed and the third round restarted, but after only a few flights the wind promptly swung back 180 degrees. By this time it was getting late, so CD Jon Edison had no choice but to abandon - still short of the three rounds minimum.

My thanks to Jon for all his hard work - at least we all had a good time in the sunshine.

Let's hope for better luck at Whitesheet. Whoops, forget I wrote that!

Results after two rounds

Conditions during the two rounds were something of a lottery, alternating between thermal, sink and turbulence. For what it's worth, the 1,2,3 were Zim, Kevin and myself. Mark Redsell flew the fastest time (low 40's).

Photography notes

For the first time, I brought along a wide angle zoom and an external flash (a Metz 48). The idea was to get a bit more impact for the pilot shots, and to lighten the harsh shadows which always accompany a sunny day. Thanks to all for putting up with all the clicking and flashing!


001_8214.jpg 005_8212.jpg 004_8200.jpg 006.jpg 007_8228.jpg
008_8238.jpg 009_8231.jpg 010_8242.jpg 011_8244.jpg 012_8245.jpg
002_8222.jpg 013_8253.jpg 014_8262.jpg 015_8255.jpg 016_8202.jpg