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2018 BMFA League reserve 2

16 September 2018

Graeme Mahoney in mid run

Return to Whitesheet

A month after the English Open, the F3F circus returned to Whitesheet for the final event of 2018.

Nine rounds were flown, during which the lead switched from Mark Treble to John Treble, and finally to Tony Livingstone. Tony held it all together to win comfortably from Mark, with Ian Falconer a fine third.


Weather conditions were mostly overcast with a stiff breeze. The first highlight was Ade Law taking second place in his very first round after a layoff of several years. Ade was flying an RCRCM Tango and FrSky Q-X7. A lack of ballast thwarted his later efforts.

It was good to see Bruce Hudson back with a pukka F3F machine. Aleix Ingles continues to impress with his smooth and increasingly quick runs - sadly this was to be his last comp before leaving these shores. I think he's going to be one to watch.

So another season draws to a close. Mark Treble is the new and well deserved BMFA F3F League Champion, having entertained with some super accurate and consistent flying, and all with his venerable Toxic (soon to be joined by a Quantum).

I've enjoyed the season enormously. F3F continues to be totally engaging, whatever the conditions. And if this season has proved anything, it's that reports of the decline of F3F were highly premature - on the contrary, there's been a recent resurgence of numbers from both new and returning pilots.

Time to start wrapping up for the Winter League...


Many thanks to Stu, Mark, John and helpers for another splendid competition.


1   Tony Livingstone  9465.15 1000.00
2   Mark Treble       9077.04  958.99
3   Ian Falconer      9047.33  955.85
4   John Phillips     9023.24  953.31
5   Graeme Mahoney    8956.29  946.23
6   Mike Shellim      8939.73  944.48
7   Mark Passingham   8894.70  939.73
8   Paul Stubley      8867.95  936.90
9   Greg Lewis        8835.37  933.46
10  David Woods       8808.37  930.61
11  John Treble       8782.23  927.84
12  Adrian Chapmamlaw 8758.08  925.29
13  Mike Evans        8745.70  923.98
14  Dave Rumble       8740.28  923.41
15  Nigel Witchalls   8732.14  922.55
16  Stuart Wallace    8686.95  917.78
17  Keith Wood        8542.80  902.55
18  Aleix Ingles      8427.21  890.34
19  Phil Taylor       8338.54  880.97
20  Bruce Hudson      7990.92  844.24
21  Vic Eldridge      7943.32  839.21
22  Peter Burgess     7887.10  833.27
23  Tony Robertson    7823.55  826.56

Fastest time: Dave Rumble (40.57 seconds)