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2005 - Wings & Wheels

A visit to this annual show at N. Weald. Great fun as usual. Just wish I'd been there to see Stuart Mackay's turbine powered scale Swift glider!

RS_IMGP2445.jpg RS_IMGP2508.jpg RS_IMGP2506.jpg RS_IMGP2447.jpg RS_IMGP2463.jpg
RS_IMGP2455.jpg RS_IMGP2464.jpg RS_IMGP2469.jpg RS_IMGP2425.jpg RS_IMGP2489.jpg
RS_IMGP2431.jpg RS_IMGP2505.jpg RS_IMGP2435.jpg RS_IMGP2436.jpg RS_IMGP2439.jpg
RS_IMGP2440.jpg RS_IMGP2441.jpg RS_IMGP2468.jpg RS_IMGP2500.jpg RS_IMGP2502.jpg
RS_IMGP2509.jpg RS_IMGP2510.jpg RS_IMGP2511.jpg RS_IMGP2512.jpg RS_IMGP2513.jpg