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2005 BMFA L3

11/12 June 2005, Hole of Horcum

Saturday saw some great EPP racing. John Bennett (Gulp) stuck his nose in front of Mike Evans (Wanabee) on the very last leg of the 20-lap final. A few Wanabee's were in to be seen, and Fred Seaman flew the GV racer (a Gulp with a V-tail). Full results are here.

Sunday's F3F was a washout, with only one round completed.

Many thanks to Jon Edison and the NYSA for hosting.

RS_IMGP2293.jpg RS_IMGP2297.jpg RS_IMGP2299.jpg RS_IMGP2301.jpg RS_IMGP2305.jpg
RS_IMGP2308.jpg RS_IMGP2374.jpg RS_IMGP2309.jpg RS_IMGP2311.jpg RS_IMGP2313.jpg
RS_IMGP2317.jpg RS_IMGP2320.jpg RS_IMGP2332.jpg RS_IMGP2333.jpg RS_IMGP2334.jpg
RS_IMGP2336.jpg RS_IMGP2341.jpg RS_IMGP2345.jpg RS_IMGP2348.jpg RS_IMGP2352.jpg
RS_IMGP2360.jpg RS_IMGP2362.jpg RS_IMGP2365.jpg RS_IMGP2369.jpg RS_IMGP2371.jpg
RS_IMGP2373.jpg RS_IMGP2377.jpg RS_IMGP2380.jpg RS_IMGP2388.jpg RS_IMGP2383.jpg