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La Muela F3F

2 - 3 April 2010


Standing: Kev Newton, Vic Eldridge. Kneeling: Mike Shellim, Mike Evans, Stefan Bertschi

Another cracking two weeks

After nine years of pilgrimage, La Muela has almost become a spiritual home, offering a sublime mix of F3F, sport flying and Spanish hospitality, all in a glorious setting. If anything was different this year, it was that we spent more time on the hill and less in our nearby base of Guadalajara (partly because we had fewer hangovers!).

As is usual, the F3F competition took place over Good Friday and Saturday. The 38 entrants were fewer than usual, due at least in part to the event not counting towards the Eurotour league.

My thanks to my companions for another great holiday, and to our Spanish friends for their usual fantastic hospitality - ¡gracias a nuestros amigos, nos vemos el año proximo!

Results (top 10):

1 Pierre Rondel   4663
2 Andoni Gorriñobeascoa   4529
3 Iñaki Elizondo   4385
4 Lombardo Laurent   4379
5 Fernando Moro   4359
6 Sergio Sánchez   4325
7 Daniel Portella   4319
8 Carlas Aymat   4279
9 Mike Shellim   4254
10   Miguel A Gutiérrez   4240

1. Journey to La Muela

The cast of Brits was the same as last year - Kevin Newton, Vic and Sylvia Eldridge, and myself. As usual we took our fully loaded cars across to Spain on the P&O Pride of Bilbao. From Bilbao it was a pleasant six hour drive to the hill where we were later joined by Mike and Liz Evans, and Stefan Bertschi from Switzerland.

001_5323.jpg 002_5743.jpg 003_5744.jpg 004_5770.jpg 005_5745.jpg
006_5647.jpg 007_5650.jpg 008_5342.jpg

2 Before the competition

Roberto Montiel demonstrated his FPV, based on the Robbe Arcus.

009_5373.jpg 010_5365.jpg 011_5367.jpg

3 The Competition

Lift conditions were rather variable on the first day, and at the end of the first round I was surprised to find myself at the top of the leader board, eventually finishing up just inside the top ten after six rounds (only one round was flown on the second day).

The winner was Pierre Rondel, after some superb flying. It was his third La Muela crown. In contrast Kevin, Mike and Vic were destined not to shine in the decidedly variable conditions.

012_5408.jpg 013_5434.jpg 014_5461.jpg 015_5416.jpg 016_5417.jpg
017_5436.jpg 018_5406.jpg 019_5429.jpg 020_5426.jpg 021_5446.jpg
022_5439.jpg 023_5541.jpg 024_5454.jpg 025_5455.jpg 026_5466.jpg
027_5472.jpg 028_5477.jpg 029_5473.jpg 030_5488.jpg 031_5895.jpg
032_5551.jpg 033_5453.jpg 034_5487.jpg 035_5543.jpg 036_5557.jpg
037_5565.jpg 038_5569.jpg 039_5572.jpg 040_5576.jpg

4 Relaxing

041_8129.jpg 042_8133.jpg 043_8137.jpg 044_5641.jpg 045_5654.jpg
046_5667.jpg 047_5679.jpg 048_5710.jpg 049_5696.jpg 050_5713.jpg
051_5728.jpg 052_5725.jpg 053_5721.jpg 054_8142.jpg

5 The rest

This year I finally achieved an ambition to photograph the petrol station at Humanes - at dawn! Yep I know it sounds a little crazy, but that petrol station has a special place in my memories of our trips to La Moo. I also took a walk along the northwest DS ridge, which provides its own distinct perspective of the main hill and the Henares river.

055_5524.jpg 056_5582.jpg 057_5581.jpg 058_5613.jpg 059_5590.jpg
060_5614.jpg 061_5782.jpg 062_5785.jpg 063_5880.jpg 064_5901.jpg
065_5924.jpg 066_5933.jpg 067_5766.jpg 068_5762.jpg 069_8159.jpg
070_5737.jpg 071_5928.jpg 072_5789.jpg 073_5790.jpg 074_5792.jpg
075_5793.jpg 076_5802.jpg 077_5815.jpg 078_5828.jpg 079_5899.jpg
080_5955.jpg 081_5998.jpg 082_5972.jpg 083_6002.jpg 084_6004.jpg
085_5300.jpg 086_5985.jpg 087_5968.jpg


Most of the images were shot with a Pentax K-x using three lenses- a DA 55-300 for the flying shots, DA21 for anything indoors, and a Sigma 17-70 for the rest.

Hi-res images

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