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2009 BMFA League 5

6th Sept 2009

Ground aerobatics from Graham Reed

All go at Whitesheet

Whitesheet is one of my favourite sites. Not because it's the best slope (which it isn't), nor for the traffic queues which grace the A303, but because the flying there tends to be refreshingly technical: the wind can blow a gale, but try too hard and the model will reward you by falling off the corners.

The fact that the car park is a few wing spans from the slope is just the icing on the cake.

Thrills and spills

Several familiar names were missing, but twenty-six competitors turned up, an ideal entry for an F3F competition. John Bennett aka Blobby returned to the fray after a layoff, and was in good form for both the EPP 60 on the previous day as well as the F3F (we're working on him to return more regularly!).

Despite a less than perfect forecast, we were blessed with sunshine and 10 - 20 mph winds for most of the day. Times improved steadily from the 50's to the low 40's, as the wind swung to pretty well square on the slope.

Such are the demands of this bowl site, that there were several cuts as well as the odd prang. Phil Taylor had an adventure he wouldn't wish to repeat with his Ascot, and John Sage managed to finish off his already damaged Ceres fuselage. Even Graham Reed was spied walking back from the slope with a tuft of grass hanging on to his wing tip!

On a happier note, CD Vic Eldrige wore a huge smile when he won an early round with his faithful Viking.


TOP 10
1  S Thornton    7687.0
2  M Evans       7262.9
3  M Abbotts     7226.8
4  M Redsell     7171.9
5  J West        7069.8
6  M Shellim     7040.0
7  J Sage        7035.7
8  A Richardson  7010.6
9  J Bennett     7002.0
10 J Phillips    6934.6

With his second consecutive win, as well as a third place, Simon Thornton looks all set to take the BMFA league crown.

Full results are here


My thanks to Vic Eldridge for his enthusiastic and effective CD'ing - we started at as near to 10 am as dammit, and in eight hours managed to whiz through nine rounds. Also to helpers Mark Redsell, Mike Evans, Graham Reed, and John Sage for helping out. A true collaborative effort!

Men (and a few machines)

IMGP2813.jpg IMGP2814.jpg 064.jpg IMGP2817.jpg IMGP2820.jpg
IMGP2823.jpg IMGP2824.jpg IMGP2839.jpg IMGP2841.jpg IMGP2842.jpg
IMGP2843.jpg IMGP2845.jpg IMGP2847.jpg IMGP2850.jpg IMGP2861.jpg
IMGP2863.jpg IMGP2867.jpg IMGP2869.jpg