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2012 Return to Spain

19 May - 12 June 2012

Vic's ASW 27 aka 'The Little Rascal'

Return to Spain

It seems strange to write about our annual trip to Spain without mentioning the F3F competition. However this year we decided to go a month later in order to get warmer weather. It was a good decision, as not only did we get fantastic weather (almost too hot at times!), but we also had more sport flying, and more sightseeing of Spain's varied and often spectacular countryside.

The rough and the smooth

The party consisted of Kevin Newton, Vic Eldridge, myself, Sylvia and Amanda. As always Guadalajara was our base (after 12 or so visits, we're reasonably familiar with the place!). From there we made daily forays to La Muela - about 30 minutes away - for the flying. We flew our F3F machines, Easy Gliders, DLG's and combat models. It was fun to meet up with the local boys on their Wednesday days out.

At the recommendation of Alvaro Silgado, we also tried out a different slope called at El Viso, near Gurugú. It's a very good - if rather dusty - slope facing south towards Madrid.

One of my goals was to test fly my new Topsky 2 DLG, and there was a bit of drama when it got caught in huge sink and disappeared at the bottom of the hill. Despite the heat, a search party was formed and we each made our own way to the lower depths. La Muela is so high that it's impossible to see the scrub, quarries and ravines that have to be negotiated when you're actually down there! Much to my admiration and relief Vic found it hidden behind a bush.

Sadly, Vic badly damaged his own ASW 27 through radio failure. This magnificent model has made the trip from the UK to La Muela for more years that we can remember. Hopefully the model will be resurrected in some form for next year.

We also spent time again with our Spanish friends Iñaki and Gerardo, sharing barbecues and some splendid tapas along the way - thank you guys for giving us such a great time. Roll on next year!

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