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2021/2022 F3F Champion of Champions

26-27 March 2022

Happy F3F'ers

Winter League Champion of Champions

The Champion of Champions is the decider event for the top places in the winter league. This year, due to several events being cancelled, the event was made open to all comers. Unfortunately the forecast of very light winds led to a small entry.

Nevertheless, there was a treat in store for those who did come. By relaxing the minimum speed rule, we managed to fly a massive 20 rounds on Day One! Conditions were very thermic, with times ranging from the 40's to the 80's. Mike Evans pulled the most out of the air, ending the day with a decisive lead. Mike was flying a Pike Precision 2. In second place was Ewan Maxwell, with Rich Bago third (FS3).

For Day Two, we settled on the SE slope. Unfortunately the winds favoured DLG rather than F3F, and no further rounds were flown. So the positions remained unchanged, with Mike Evans the worthy winner.

Despite the lack of wind on Day Two, it was a thoroughly enjoyable comp, and my thanks to Jon Edison and Mark Treble for the flawless proceedings.


After 20 rounds:

1  M Evans    17333.69   1000.00
2  E Maxwell  16465.34    949.90
3  R Bago     16437.86    948.31
4  P Gunning  15970.65    921.36
5  M Treble   15923.12    918.62
6  M Shellim  15326.50    884.20
7  D DeMott   14994.83    865.06
8  J Edison   14959.60    863.03

Fastest time 47.83 seconds by Mike Evans

Round winners: Mike Evans (8), Ewan Maxwell (4), Pete Gunning (3), Mark Treble (2), Mike Shellim (1), Jon Edison (1), Rich Bago(1)