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2007 BMFA League 1

East Sussex, 17/18 March 2007

Saturday: EPP60

The 2007 season has started with a bang! Sadly I couldn't make the EPP60 race, but it was by all accounts a successful day, with 15 entries. See EPP60 results

Sunday: F3F

Despite a grim weather forecast, 27 pilots turned up for the F3F. The action started on the Long Man slope but switched to the main bowl during the first round after the wind shifted SW. Despite fierce winds ten sub forties were flown over the six rounds. Very challenging and enjoyable, though one or two models were damaged.

Lccal pilot John Phillips was the winner. Mike Evans placed second and also made the FTD of 35.31 secs (an unofficial site record). Nigel Potter was third. See F3F results

Many thanks to CD John Phillips and the East Sussex boys.

IMGP7338_LR.jpg IMGP7357_LR.jpg IMGP7334_LR.jpg IMGP7337_LR.jpg IMGP7346_LR.jpg
IMGP7339_LR.jpg IMGP7352_LR.jpg IMGP7347_LR.jpg IMGP7348_LR.jpg IMGP7343_LR.jpg
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