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2018-19 Champion of Champions

30-31 March 2019

Settling in at Levisham

Champion of Champions

I always look forward to flying at the Hole of Horcum - there's a good variety of slopes, and lots of heather for happy landings.

The CoC has a special significance as the decider for the regional winter leagues. Though one or two contenders were unable to attend, there was still a strong field of twenty pilots. Flying was split between Levisham (first morning) and the NE slope at HoH.

It turned out to be a very 'technical' comp... by which I mean: "the wind was at the low end of legal scale, with considerable lift variation between runs".

Day 1: Levisham and HoH

Just one round was flown at Levisham before the wind started swinging north, at which point we moved to the NE slope of HoH. The day ended with Mike Evans in a healthy lead, with Peter Gunning in second place, Rich Bago third and myself fourth.

Day 2: HoH

For the second day, we returned to the NE slope. Mike Evans suffered some poor air in the round 5 and dropped down the rankings. After round 6, I found myself in the lead with Rich second and Pete Gunning in third place. The wind continued to swing east and the competition was concluded a little earlier than planned. By then, eight rounds had been flown in total.

Close of play

Somehow I managed to dodge most of the bad air on the second day, and was delighted to find myself in top spot, flying my Stribog. Runner up, and the only pilot to finish in the top three on both days, was Rich Bago with a Freestyler. Third place went to Mark Treble flying a Toxic. Mark achieved the fastest time with a splendid 45.20 (the only sub-50 of the competition).

All in all a weekend of great fun - and valiant flying in the somewhat fickle conditions. All topped off by a nice curry in Whitby.

A big thanks to Jon Edison, Mark Treble, and Rich Bago for managing the comp in tricky circumstances, and to all pilots who attended.


1  M Shellim     6571.27   1000.00
2  R Bago        6435.86    979.39
3  M Treble      6391.40    972.62
4  M Evans       6354.41    966.99
5  M Redsell     6337.28    964.39
6  P Gunning     6281.47    955.89
7  G Young       6227.25    947.64
8  E Maxwell     6216.26    945.97
9  P Garnett     6194.35    942.64
10 K Wood        6074.33    924.37
11 J Treble      6018.43    915.87
12 D Woods       5959.78    906.94
13 N Witchalls   5933.02    902.87
14 A Burgoyne    5923.33    901.39
15 D Watson      5912.89    899.80
16 P Stubley     5912.86    899.80
17 B Larrett     5905.50    898.68
18 B Hudson      5756.04    875.94
19 J Edison      5450.94    829.51
20 B Dickenson   5159.49    785.15

Fastest time: Mark Treble 45.2.
Round winners: Mike Shellim(3), Mark Treble (2), Peter Gunning (1), Paul Garnett (1), Mike Evans (1)