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2005 BMFA L6

1 Oct 2005, Whitesheet Hill

The wind direction played havoc on both days, but both the EPP 60 and F3F were run successfully - and it remained dry.

John Bennett won the EPP 60, and with it the championship for the third time in four years! Gary Harrison flew very well to win the F3F. Full results are here.

Many thanks to Alex McMeekin for CD'ing, and to the Whitesheet club for hosting.

RS_IMGP3390.jpg RS_IMGP3394.jpg RS_IMGP3395.jpg RS_IMGP3422.jpg RS_IMGP3411.jpg
RS_IMGP3409.jpg RS_IMGP3419.jpg RS_IMGP3430.jpg RS_IMGP3445.jpg RS_IMGP3449.jpg
RS_IMGP3450.jpg RS_IMGP3452.jpg RS_IMGP3464.jpg RS_IMGP3466.jpg RS_IMGP3468.jpg
RS_IMGP3471.jpg RS_IMGP3474.jpg RS_IMGP3476.jpg RS_IMGP3477.jpg RS_IMGP3480.jpg
RS_IMGP3479.jpg RS_IMGP3482.jpg RS_IMGP3485.jpg RS_IMGP3488.jpg RS_IMGP3490.jpg