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2021/2022 F3F Welsh Winter League 4

9 April 2022

Les Wood with his Shinto during a run

F3F Welsh Winter League 4

The forecast was finely balanced when CD Joel West called the competition 'on' - and it was the right decision! After an hour's wait for the clag to clear it turned out to be a lovely day's flying. The conditions on Micky's slope were smooth and gentle, with a light to moderate breeze straight on the slope.

It was a closely fought competition. Dave Rumble had some bad luck, and would have come higher but for his finger slipping off the stick in the final round. Aleix Ingles continued his progress, winning two of the rounds with some fine piloting.

The lead changed between Graeme Mahoney, Joel West, myself and Andy Burgoyne. Joel finally came out on top, Andy was second and I slipped in to third place. There were only seven points separating 3rd and 6th places!

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable comp, and my thanks to Joel and Graeme for putting it to together.


After 9 rounds:

 1 Joel West       7665.75 1000.00
 2 Andy Burgoyne   7597.67  991.11
 3 Mike Shellim    7491.56  977.27
 4 Graeme Mahoney  7483.04  976.16
 5 Dave Rumble     7464.56  973.75
 6 Aleix Ingles    7440.34  970.59
 7 Mark Passingham 7263.94  947.58
 8 Ian Mason       7204.43  939.82
 9 Les Wood        7061.68  921.19
10 Bruce Hudson    6973.79  909.73
11 Graham Hill     6792.94  886.14

Fastest time 42.05 seconds by Joel West in round 9

Round winners: Joel West (3), Aleix Ingles (2), Mike Shellim (2), Andy Burgoyne (1), Graeme Mahoney (1)