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2007 N. England Open

Hole of Horcum 15 July 2007

This event was part of the F3F Eurotour series and saw an international entry of 42 pilots.

Very well organised by Jon Edison and his able band of helpers. All the right calls were made and despite the lack of any competitive flying on the second day we got enough rounds to produce a fair result. We even avoided getting significantly wet.

The highlights for me were the relentlessly fast and accurate Calderas. The Freestylers were impressive, but looked as if they would be better suited to lighter winds than we had on the first day. The only major dissapointment was Greg Dakin's terminal prang with his Race Machine, which put paid to what could have been an entertaining challenge for a top place.

Thanks to Jon and the NYSA for putting on an excellent competition. Here's a selection of the best photos - enjoy! - Mike


IMGP1032_LR.jpg IMGP1034_LR.jpg IMGP1064_LR.jpg IMGP1062_LR.jpg IMGP1019_LR.jpg
IMGP1093_LR.jpg IMGP1104_LR.jpg IMGP1107_LR.jpg IMGP1106_LR.jpg IMGP1138_LR.jpg
IMGP1112_LR.jpg IMGP1115_LR.jpg IMGP1117_LR.jpg IMGP1102_LR.jpg IMGP1119_LR.jpg
IMGP1120_LR.jpg IMGP1122_LR.jpg IMGP1124_LR.jpg IMGP1132_LR.jpg IMGP1148_LR.jpg
IMGP1142_LR.jpg IMGP1161_LR.jpg IMGP1170_LR.jpg IMGP1175-Edit_LR.jpg IMGP1190_LR.jpg
IMGP1187_LR.jpg IMGP1189_LR.jpg IMGP1184_LR.jpg IMGP1202_LR.jpg IMGP1192_LR.jpg
IMGP1194_LR.jpg IMGP1205_LR.jpg IMGP0961_LR.jpg IMGP0962_LR.jpg IMGP0973_LR.jpg
IMGP0979_LR.jpg IMGP0987_LR.jpg