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2006 BMFA League 3 + Nationals

For once the Hole of Horcum was blessed with wonderful weather and good conditions. There were 26 pilots in EPP 60 (the second largest entry ever at this event) and 32 for F3F.

CD Paul Wright used a seeded matrix in EPP 60. This resulted in lots of close racing and a great final between Andy Ellison and Alex McMeekin.

Fastest time in F3F was 37.49 by John Bennett. As regards organisation, 256 flights were flown (a record), and Jon Edison tested his own design timer which worked very smoothly. This is due to be used for the VR.

The event was also designated the BMFA Nationals. So... the new National Champions are: Alex McMeekin (EPP 60) and John Bennett (F3F). Both pilots flew superbly, well done chaps.

Thanks to all involved in making this such a successful weekend. For full results see BMFA Slope Leagues. Also another report by Steve Clarke.

EPP 60 (Saturday 9th)

IMGP2275.jpg IMGP2245.jpg IMGP2246.jpg IMGP2256.jpg IMGP2262.jpg
IMGP2278.jpg IMGP2281.jpg IMGP2289.jpg IMGP2322.jpg IMGP2331.jpg
IMGP2336.jpg IMGP2333.jpg

F3F (Sunday)

IMGP2349.jpg IMGP2400.jpg IMGP2390.jpg IMGP2392.jpg IMGP2351.jpg
IMGP2394.jpg IMGP2353.jpg IMGP2345.jpg IMGP2346.jpg IMGP2347.jpg
IMGP2357.jpg IMGP2359.jpg IMGP2368.jpg IMGP2372.jpg IMGP2376.jpg
IMGP2382.jpg IMGP2384.jpg IMGP2386.jpg IMGP2398.jpg IMGP2404.jpg
IMGP2406.jpg IMGP2410.jpg IMGP2415.jpg IMGP2420.jpg IMGP2425.jpg
IMGP2427.jpg IMGP2429.jpg IMGP2430.jpg

Other fun stuff

IMGP2187.jpg IMGP2188.jpg IMGP2191.jpg IMGP2192.jpg IMGP2194.jpg
IMGP2195.jpg IMGP2197.jpg IMGP2198.jpg IMGP2200.jpg IMGP2203.jpg
IMGP2213.jpg IMGP2214.jpg