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2006 BMFA League 7 (Reserve)

CD Jon Edison somehow managed to squeeze seven rounds out of a rather wet and occasionally windless end to the season. Funny air claimed a couple of unusual victims when John Bennett and Kev Newton both flicked. John sadly damaged his model.

The winner of this soggy marathon was Kevin, with Mark Southall runner up. Overall BMFA F3F league winner is Mark, with Kevin second and Mike Evans third. Well done chaps. Thanks to Jon and the N. Yorks club for their hard work over the weekend. Full results here.

IMGP5099_RS.jpg IMGP5104_RS.jpg IMGP5110_RS.jpg IMGP5106_RS.jpg IMGP5107_RS.jpg
IMGP5111_RS.jpg IMGP5112_RS.jpg IMGP5116_RS.jpg IMGP5118_RS.jpg IMGP5123_RS.jpg
IMGP5125_RS.jpg IMGP5115_RS.jpg