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2007 Nationals - F3F

Rock, Back of the Wrecker.

Nats win for Greg

The 2007 BMFA F3F National Championships took place over the weekend of 29-30 September, near Bridgend, S. Wales.


In a reversal of the usual order, I'll start by thanking Kevin, AJ, Shane, and Mike for their magnificent efforts over the weekend. Carting all the parephenalia including timing gear, A-frames, cable etc. to the Crest was no mean feat. In fact, this Nats must rank amongst the most physically demanding F3F comps many of us had attended, taking into account the to-ing and fro-ing to the safe landing zone over 10 rounds...

A special mention for Vic Eldridge aka 'TLR', whose amazing bionic knee was put to the test with climbs up the Wrecker at dusk, in addition to the aforementioned yomps.


Flying on Day One took place on the NE face of the Wrecker, but due to the mist taking ages to clear, only 3 rounds were flown.

In contrast Day Two provided 10 rounds of great competition on the Crest. Conditions were by and large consistent and fast. So it was as fair a contest as we could reasonably expect.

With past radio problems out of the way, Greg Dakin was back on his best form, with a display of aggressive yet accurate flying. His light weight Race M Ultimate looked pretty good too, and after 13 rounds Greg was declared the winner. Not far behind was Mark Southall flying a Skorpion while Kevin was third with his F3B Skorpion. Fastest time was 33.87, from Greg. For full results see here.

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