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2006 Viking Race, Scotland

The 2006 VR was held at East Lomond in Fife, Scotland. Although the weather was in the main sunny and warm, the event was marred by poor flying conditions and a large entry of 91, which led to only five scoring rounds being flown.

On the positive side, the results at the top seem pretty credible to me. The Herrig brothers emphasised their superiority in F3F with an excellent one-two, flying their latest Radical design. Kevin Newton was third with his Skorpion. As regards the team prize, England 1 (Kevin, John Bennett and Mark Southall) took top spot.

As regards rules, there seems to be a growing acceptance at least amongst the UK pilots that group scoring, or something similar, could be used routinely to counteract the effects of gradually shifting conditions. No doubt we'll be hearing opininions expressed about this and other points on the F3F list.

Thanks to Fife Soarers for hosting, and to all helpers for their time and effort.

Top 10

 1  Andreas Herrig   Germany 1   3736.47
 2  Martin Herrig    Germany 1   3729.36
 3  Kevin Newton     England 1   3699.64
 4  Helge Borchert   Germany 2   3628.01
 5  John McCurdy     Late comers 3620.49
 6  Espen Torp       Norway 1    3580.98
 7  Arild Mollerhaug Norway 1    3558.37
 8  John Bennett     England 1   3551.64
 9  Alexis Marechal  France 2    3536.42
10  Kyle Paulson     USA 1       3533.47

For full results see Kevin Newtons site or the official VR site.


The photos are three sections


IMGP3895from_RS.jpg IMGP3774from_RS.jpg IMGP3793from_RS.jpg IMGP3785from_RS.jpg IMGP3784from_RS.jpg
IMGP3790from_RS.jpg IMGP3794from_RS.jpg IMGP3802from_RS.jpg IMGP3796from_RS.jpg IMGP3788from_RS.jpg
IMGP3809from_RS.jpg IMGP3812from_RS.jpg IMGP3814from_RS.jpg IMGP3824from_RS.jpg IMGP3791from_RS.jpg
IMGP3825from_RS.jpg IMGP3833from_RS.jpg IMGP3835from_RS.jpg IMGP3836from_RS.jpg IMGP3837from_RS.jpg
IMGP3843from_RS.jpg IMGP3841from_RS.jpg IMGP3810from_RS.jpg IMGP3839from_RS.jpg IMGP3849from_RS.jpg
IMGP3859from_RS.jpg IMGP3860from_RS.jpg IMGP3857from_RS.jpg IMGP3864from_RS.jpg IMGP3862from_RS.jpg
IMGP3882from_RS.jpg IMGP3892from_RS.jpg IMGP4244from_RS.jpg IMGP3899from_RS.jpg IMGP3902from_RS.jpg
IMGP3904from_RS.jpg IMGP3906from_RS.jpg IMGP3900from_RS.jpg IMGP3913from_RS.jpg IMGP3910from_RS.jpg
IMGP3912from_RS.jpg IMGP3938from_RS.jpg IMGP3941from_RS.jpg IMGP3953from_RS.jpg IMGP3944from_RS.jpg
IMGP3949from_RS.jpg IMGP3951from_RS.jpg IMGP3950from_RS.jpg IMGP3945from_RS.jpg IMGP3954from_RS.jpg
IMGP3956from_RS.jpg IMGP3957from_RS.jpg IMGP3958from_RS.jpg IMGP3959from_RS.jpg IMGP3962from_RS.jpg
IMGP3967from_RS.jpg IMGP3983from_RS.jpg IMGP3984from_RS.jpg IMGP3986from_RS.jpg IMGP3987from_RS.jpg
IMGP4030from_RS.jpg IMGP4034from_RS.jpg IMGP4036from_RS.jpg IMGP4038from_RS.jpg IMGP4041from_RS.jpg
IMGP4053from_RS.jpg IMGP4057from_RS.jpg IMGP4062from_RS.jpg IMGP4063from_RS.jpg IMGP4066from_RS.jpg
IMGP4067from_RS.jpg IMGP4072from_RS.jpg IMGP4069from_RS.jpg IMGP4076from_RS.jpg IMGP4077from_RS.jpg
IMGP4080from_RS.jpg IMGP4081from_RS.jpg IMGP4083from_RS.jpg IMGP4086from_RS.jpg IMGP4088from_RS.jpg
IMGP4089from_RS.jpg IMGP4090from_RS.jpg IMGP4094from_RS.jpg IMGP4095from_RS.jpg IMGP4097from_RS.jpg
IMGP4102from_RS.jpg IMGP4114from_RS.jpg IMGP4150from_RS.jpg


IMGP4168from_RS.jpg IMGP4162from_RS.jpg IMGP4175from_RS.jpg IMGP4177from_RS.jpg IMGP4178from_RS.jpg
IMGP4180from_RS.jpg IMGP4181from_RS.jpg IMGP4182from_RS.jpg IMGP4183from_RS.jpg IMGP4185from_RS.jpg
IMGP4186from_RS.jpg IMGP4187from_RS.jpg IMGP4188from_RS.jpg IMGP4190from_RS.jpg IMGP4192from_RS.jpg
IMGP4193from_RS.jpg IMGP4194from_RS.jpg IMGP4198from_RS.jpg IMGP4200from_RS.jpg IMGP4201from_RS.jpg
IMGP4203from_RS.jpg IMGP4204from_RS.jpg IMGP4205from_RS.jpg IMGP4206from_RS.jpg IMGP4207from_RS.jpg
IMGP4208from_RS.jpg IMGP4209from_RS.jpg IMGP4215from_RS.jpg IMGP4218from_RS.jpg

After the Comp

IMGP3765from_RS.jpg IMGP4219from_RS.jpg IMGP4221from_RS.jpg IMGP4222from_RS.jpg IMGP3989from_RS.jpg
IMGP3743from_RS.jpg IMGP3746from_RS.jpg IMGP3762from_RS.jpg IMGP3763from_RS.jpg IMGP3921from_RS.jpg
IMGP3929from_RS.jpg IMGP4226from_RS.jpg IMGP4229from_RS.jpg IMGP4237from_RS.jpg IMGP4236from_RS.jpg
IMGP4239from_RS.jpg IMGP4246from_RS.jpg IMGP4250from_RS-02.jpg IMGP4252from_RS.jpg IMGP4258from_RS.jpg
IMGP4261from_RS.jpg IMGP3997from_RS.jpg IMGP4000from_RS.jpg IMGP4003from_RS.jpg IMGP4004from_RS.jpg
IMGP4005from_RS.jpg IMGP4026from_RS.jpg IMGP4016.jpg IMGP4019from_RS.jpg IMGP4027from_RS.jpg