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2018-19 Midland Winter League 1

10 November 2018

Greg Lewis brings in his Pitbull II

Phoenix from the Ashes

The alarm went off at 5.30. I yawned, took one look at the forecast and crawled back under the covers.

By six o'clock F3F madness had set in. I found myself on a dark road bound for Church Stretton, reaching the meeting point just a few minutes late. Well there must have been some method in that madness because we ended up flying 13 rounds and going home dry!

The slope

'Ashes' is a new slope to me. It's a mix of the South bowl of Horcum with a taste of Levisham. The wind patterns tended to shift rapidly, so any ideas of turn strategy quickly went out of the window. It was a case of thinking on your feet and squeezing every last ounce from the air. Interesting stuff, and at the end of 13 rounds a pattern emerged of those who managed the conditions brilliantly, and those who struggled.


By the day's end, Greg Lewis had emphatically made his mark to win the competition, flying his Pitbull II with great smoothness. Close behind was Mike Evans who flew his Shinto with aggression and accuracy. Mark Treble took third spot flying his Needle. Well done to all three. Round winners were Greg Lewis (4), Mike Evans (3), Scott Ravenscroft (2), Mark Treble (2), Mike Shellim (1), Paul Stubley (1). Greg just pipped me to take fastest time.

All in all, a well run and enjoyable competition - many thanks to Les Wood and Mike Evans for all their hard work.


 1 Greg Lewis        11296.61
 2 Mike Evans        11189.66
 3 Mark Treble       10850.42
 4 Paul Stubley      10660.63
 5 Mike Shellim      10572.32
 6 Scott Ravenscroft 10367.40
 7 Brett Larrett     10297.37
 8 Keith Wood         9793.91
 9 Les Wood           9639.85
10 Bruce Hudson       9263.12
11 Jerry Lunt         3514.89   

Fastest time Greg Lewis (40.19 seconds)