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2020 English Open F3F

23 August 2020

Graham Hill at Whitesheet

English Open F3F

At last - a competition!! Entry this year was limited to twenty pilots, and the duration was cut to just a single day. But it was great to be back. The sense of normality even extended to the weather, with steady drizzle delaying the start by a couple of hours!

The competition

Flying took place on the NW ridge. The wind was quite crossed to start with, but it swung on to the slope during the first round. The lift was generally quite variable.

Eight rounds were completed. Round winners were Mark Treble (2), Mark Redsell, Mike Evans, Mike Shellim, John Phillips, Mark Passingham and Dave Rumble.

After the scores were totted up, John Phillips was declared the winner, with the two Marks in second and third place. John and Mark Redsell flew very consistently given the conditions, neither dropping below third for the whole day, while Mark Treble achieved fastest time with 40.69.

Final placings

1  J Phillips      6402.43   1000.00
2  M Redsell       6247.22    975.75
3  M Treble        6209.61    969.88
4  N Witchalls     6085.66    950.52
5  M Shellim       6038.82    943.20
6  G Mahoney       6008.79    938.51
7  D Rumble        5984.75    934.76
8  J Treble        5959.27    930.78
9  D Woods         5950.31    929.38
10 M Passingham    5944.44    928.46
11 A Burgoyne      5906.23    922.49
12 K Wood          5888.00    919.65
13 M Evans         5855.82    914.62
14 L Woods         5837.10    911.70
15 I Falconer      5789.53    904.27
16 T Livingstone   5748.32    897.83
17 B Hudson        5629.70    879.30
18 G Hill          5625.20    878.60
19 P Taylor        5452.02    851.55
20 I Mason         5428.32    847.85


Many thanks to Graeme Mahoney and Nigel Witchalls for organising a most enjoyable - and Covid-safe - event.

A special mention also to Stu Wallace, who was responsible for re-establishing the English Open in the F3F calendar, and who sadly was not able to attend this year. The event did however raise valuable funds for the charities Histio UK and Blood Cancer UK, in memory of Stu's son Tom.